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Space Case Grinders: Simply Out of This World

Space Case Grinders have always been regarded as one of the premium varieties of herb grinders in the industry. Space Case Grinders have been in the business for over two decades and have since then been one of the biggest names in the market, their products have been popularized by the quality that they possess – which is something important when it comes to herb grinders. You simply don’t want a grinder that’s going to give up on you especially during the time you need it the most. Millions of dry herb consumers use herb grinders because it allows them to maximize the yield of their botanicals. Grinders allow them to save money because grinders shred herbs into finer pieces that the active ingredients on the plant matter are easily extracted into the vapors. That's why grinders are considered as investments rather than mere accessories. They're tools that aid consumers get the most out of their buds, flowers, and other plant matter that’s why many dry herb enthusiasts spend money on high-quality equipment just to get the job done – and Space Case is not the kind to disappoint.
Space Case Grinders use only the best materials in manufacturing their products. They source the best American made aluminum for their grinders making them the most robust grinders on the market today. With over 20 years of experience, Space Case Grinders have come to believe that there is no such thing as medical-grade aluminum. The people behind the research and development team that design and engineer Space Case Grinders have accumulated information through their years of working with such materials that it all boils down to the added elements and the tensile strength of the aluminum. They’ve used this knowledge to create grinders that are safe for use with herbs and botanicals so that they won’t react chemically to the herbs should they come into direct contact with them. Having a grinder that won’t have its elements rub off and mix with the herbs you’ll soon be using, is something that most consumers (especially medicating patients) are looking for. Nowadays, health has become a major concern and products that are labeled “medical-grade” have exploited the term and used it as a marketing strategy. Because of their long experience with manufacturing grinders and dealing with raw materials used in making them, Space Case Grinders wants the general public to know the truth about grinders that have “medical-grade aluminum”. Furthermore, Space Case Grinders are also transparent to their customers when it comes to how their grinders perform. Much of how the quality of their grinders have to deal with how they’re designed – not that they lack in the quality of the raw materials used – making them exceptional in terms of performance. Much thought has been put into the engineering because Space Case Grinders believe that the caliber of the raw materials used in production will not make any substantial effect unless they are properly utilized. So, the grinders from Space Case Grinders are designed in such a way that they can optimize your botanical output. Think of it as including the actual herbs in the design and planning of each product. From the inside, much consideration has been given to how consumers can achieve their desired consistency when grinding their herbs. Hence, they outfitted their grinders with grinding teeth in the shape of a diamond, giving them multi-directional cutting capabilities allowing you to go both ways and easily find and arrive to the consistency and texture you so require. Moreover, Space Case Grinders have paid careful attention to their product’s centering wedges. These are the external points that pushes the herbs back towards the center of the grinder to make sure that each part of the herb gets the same exact treatment. This is one of the reasons why herbs milled using Space Case Grinders come out evenly grounded and will have uniform consistency unlike how other grinders make them. This is also to support the fact that not because you use high-quality components, you’ll always end up with a high-quality end result. Like what Jobs once said “design is how it works, not how it looks”. You'll expect nothing less than a smooth grinding experience when you grind with Space Case Grinders.
Space Case Grinders also use the best stainless-steel screens for sifting and filtering your herbs. This happens right after the herbs pass the holes from the grinding chambers, they’re met by lab-grade stainless-steel screens graded T-316. In this tertiary component found on larger Space Case Grinders, the only thing allowed to pass is pollen, which can then be collected and used in other applications such as making edibles. The screens are put in place by a 360-degree tapered locking press that firmly holds the screen in place. This way Space Case Grinders can ensure that the screen will not only stay firmly planted on the sifting chamber, but no other part of the screen will also break and make its way to the ground herbs and the pollen you’ve collected. Lastly, when taking about the process of how the larger Space Case Grinders are designed, comes the endmost section of the grinder where the herbs are to be collected. This receptacle has a radius that’s perfectly matched by the inclusive pollen scraper. Unlike other pollen scrapers from other herb grinders, Space Case Grinders’ pollen scrapers and picks are engineered to match the radius of each grinder they’re to come with so you can always collect your kief efficiently. Don’t you just hate it when the pollen gets into your hands and into your fingers. Instead of having them someplace you don’t want them to be, the scrapers and the picks ensure that the pollens are used and are removed from the collecting receptacle correctly.
This is how Space Case Grinders are made, they’re a product of the perfect marriage between design and high-quality raw materials. Because the perfect formula to achieving a premium grinder is to marry insight and high-grade materials. Having said, one thing that Space Case Grinders have been proud of is the kind of magnets they use in their products. They procure and utilize only the most superior magnets seen in products made by industry leaders fabricated under the strictest and the highest manufacturing standards. The rare earth neodymium magnets used in Space Case Grinders are certified using ROHS standards to ensure responsible environmental safety.
All these have been the key and gem of Space Case Grinders, thanks to the owner’s experience. With over 35 years of experience as a machinist under his belt, the owner of Space Case Grinders have had the know-how and the required knowledge to manufacture and produce premium-quality grinders. Space Case Grinders is located in San Clemente CA. Their commitment to continue and remain the manufacturers of the best grinders in America drove them to reach the pinnacle of herb grinder production.