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Collection: Space Case 2 Piece Grinder

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Space Case 2 Piece Grinder

Space Case Grinders have been known in the industry as one of the leading names in terms of manufacturing grinders and other tools related to herb consumption and storage. Their 2-piece grinder collection is a showcase of some of the best grinders the market – the industry – has to offer. These 2-piece grinders are made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum that’s known to be both sturdy and lightweight, the perfect material to be used in such a compact 2-part grinder. This allows the 2-piece grinders to be a travel-friendly unit while still boasting a durable and robust body that won’t easily be affected by corrosion and minor manifestations of daily carrying and use activity.

Each 2-piece grinder from Space Case Grinders are made with precision manufacturing machines using the latest CNC technology. That's why these small and discreet grinders are as accurate as any grinder can be, they’re cut from one single aluminum block so these grinders are seamless and does have any signs of soldering or adjoining which adds to their durability and overall longevity. The lifespan even of the blades are exceptional because they’re made from one solid block. You're going to get your money’s worth by switching to these grinders. Not only are they small enough to keep in your pocket but they’re also convenient to use and operate. Having only two parts to work with simplifies the process of grinding your herbs making it the ideal grinder especially for beginners who are looking to get a competitive grinder that can function and perform at its best while only having two rudimentary parts. It's a perfect example how form can facilitate function as the 2-piece grinders can ensure optimal grinding because of the aid of the elements found on both the outside and the inside of the grinder. As a solid example, the textured edges make grinding easier since your fingers will have better grip and will have an even distribution of force instead of having one concentrated area with a polished and smooth-edged surface. The textured grips make grinding easier, furthermore, with the help of the sharp blades, grinding through sturdy and tough herbs will be like cutting through butter. Furthermore, these 2-piece grinders are made not only to be a compact travel grinder but also to be a unique piece that you can use to get professional level results. This means that wherever you may be, you can now achieve high-quality ground materials. Regardless if you’re a casual consumer who's after the uplifting benefits of your herbs, a connoisseur looking for some of the best tasting strains, or a medicating patient wanting to get lab-grade consistency, you’re sure to appreciate the 2-piece grinders from Space Case Grinders.

Some of the most iconic products on this line is the black titanium model. It boasts an anodized coating that protects the grinder from smudges and smears as well as marks from leftover residue. It's a worthy investment for both beginners looking for a top-level grinder or for advanced users wanting a compact companion and a smaller and lightweight alternative to their bulky grinders.

Dry Herb Tips by Space Case USA

How to Enjoy Your Herbs Conveniently

In many cases new methods and ideas seem complicated for beginners and experienced consumers alike. Many new comers who are just beginning to start their herb consumption adventures might have just heard of grinding their botanicals instead of breaking them by hand. The process of grinding herbs involving a 4-piece unit may be a little too complicated for others. 4-piece grinders allow you to collect pollen and save it for later use. But what if you don’t know what to do with the pollen you’ve collected? Will this stop you from enjoying your herbs? Will this prevent you from using a grinder in the future? There are a few things you can do to curve this experience and enjoy your herbs conveniently.

Remember, grinding your herbs is an important part of the process of enjoying your botanical plant matter. If you do not grind your herbs you may not be able to enjoy it to its fullest. There are benefits to grinding your botanicals that you simply won’t get when you break the herbs by hand. We know that using a 4-piece herb grinder can sometimes be daunting. The process of getting used to grinding your herbs can be eased by sing something simpler. While a 4-piece grinder can give you beneficial features you simply can’t get elsewhere using a grinder with fewer part to work with can prove to be a good place to start to get used to grinding your botanical plant matter. So, here are a few tips you might find useful when easing your way into grinding your herbs.

1. Use a 2-piece grinder.

This should not come as a surprise, for beginners, a 2-piece unit is best recommended to get them started with the practice of grinding botanicals before consumption. It still offers the same functionality and still does the job of grinding your herbs while it lets you skip some of the parts you ought to do when you’re more adept into grinding botanicals. Space Case Grinders manufacture some of the best 2-piece grinders in the industry. Space Case 2 Piece Grinders feature unparalleled performance even in a compact 2-piece design. A Space Case 2 Piece Grinder will let you grind your herbs conveniently without having to worry about needing to remove and replace a few more parts, collect pollen, and figuring out what to do with it. Using this variety of grinders has other benefits apart from convenience. You’re sure to enjoy your herbs conveniently with the Space Case 2 Piece Grinder.

2. Grind your herbs in small portions.

One way to enjoy your herbs conveniently is by grinding them in small portions. 2-piece grinders can only accommodate a small portion of herbs because of their size. Make sure to pack only the right number of herbs. Overpacking your 2-piece grinder can cause the grinder to get stuck, the large portion of herbs can cause the grinding action to be a little too difficult and you’ll most likely find that the herbs offer a good amount of resistance when you grind. You'll also end up with a coarse grind. Make sure to pack only small portions to ensure that the grinding action is convenient and smooth.

Space Case 2 Piece Grinder FAQs

Q: What is the benefit of using a 2-piece grinder?

A: One of the advantages of using a 2-piece grinder is portability. Space Case 2 Piece Grinders are compact and stealthy enough that you can use them while you’re on-the-go. Thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum material that Space Case Grinders themselves helped develop, the 2-piece grinders can achieve a durable and reliable exterior while maintaining a light weight. You can pack any Space Case 2 Piece Grinder with you1 on your next travel and enjoy having the capability of having freshly ground herbs on-the-go.

Q: How are 2-piece grinders better than 4-piece grinders?

A: Space Case 2 Piece Grinders appeal to a certain niche of consumers, they are better than 4-piece units in different ways for customers with different needs. Space Case 2 Piece Grinders are straightforward and are easy to use, you’ll only have 2 parts to work with which makes the grinding process easy. Also, since they do not have holes where the herbs will fall through, you can easily achieve the grind you require for your herbal and botanical consumption needs.

Q: How do I clean my 2-piece grinder?

A: Cleaning your Space Case 2 Piece Grinder is easy. All you need are a few household items and a few minutes. First open your Space Case 2 Piece Grinder and give it a few light taps. Next, pour alcohol in an empty cup and soak your grinder in it. Afterwards take a cotton swab and lightly brush the corners and the crevices of the grinder. Next, soak the grinder back in the cup. Leave it there for a few minutes and remove the grinder. Finally, wash and rinse it with warm water and grab a piece of dry paper towel to let it dry.

Q: How much herbs do I need to put in my grinder?

A: Because of the size of the Space Case 2 Piece Grinders, you can only load a decent number of herbs at the time. Make sure that the herbs you put in your grinder is within the perimeter of the grinder’s circumference to avoid overloading and slippage. You will also notice that once you place the top part back, the grinder will not close entirely, but it will return to a close fit once the herbs start getting a fine grind. 

Q: How do you maintain a 2-piece grinder?

A: You maintain a Space Case 2 Piece Grinder pretty much like how you maintain any grinder. One, don’t use it for grinding anything else except herbs and other botanical plant matter. Putting hard twigs may cause damage to the blades that will affect the performance of the grinder. Next, make sure to always close the grinder so that no bacteria or germs may make its way into the grinder and damage your herbs. Lastly, clean your grinder occasionally to keep it in good working condition.