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Collection: Space Case 4 Piece Grinder

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Space Case 4 Piece Grinder Collection

With years of experience Space Case Grinders have proven themselves as one of the best manufacturers in the business. Makers of premium grinders, they’ve managed to come up with some of the best 4-piece grinders this industry has ever seen. Their products showcase the best raw materials and the best technology you can find in a grinder. As seen on their 4-piece grinders, they use high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum that not only makes their 4-piece units lightweight and durable. Some of their 4-piece grinders also undergo treatment through anodization. This makes the aluminum metal stronger and have better resistance to corrosion as well as wear and tear. This means that common and minor manifestation of daily use and carrying activity will be virtually invisible. This keeps your grinders looking pristine and brand-new even if you have had it for a while.

Apart from the aluminum metal that makes each 4-piece grinder a reliable piece, the grinders in this collection have sharp diamond cutting blades. The blades are made in the shape of a diamond to allow multi-directional cutting. This means that you don’t need to follow a certain direction when grinding, you can easily turn the grinder sideways and still achieve a good quality grind – especially getting the consistency you require. This helps a lot of consumers especially those that re having a hard time twisting the grinder because of any medical condition they have. Take consumers with arthritis, they can’t put a lot of torque on the grinder because the more pressure they put into it the more pain they feel on their hands and wrists. Having the ability to move the grinder in both direction and still get a good grind is imperative. You're also getting a textured edge which allows you better grip. It also allows you to evenly distribute the force on all of your fingers and your hands instead of having a concentrated area which can also cause slippage apart from hand strains. Furthermore, each grinder is outfitted with a centering wedge which pushes the herbs back to the center so you can always get the same consistency out of every grind. This only strengthens Space Case Grinder 4-piece units’ build as ones built for convenience.

They also focus on maximizing your yield. They do this by outfitting their 4-piece grinders with medical-grade stainless-steel screens that allow you to sift and screen pollen for later use. What's more is that it’s built in to the grinder using a 360-degree tapered locking press which ensures that the screen will never wobble or sway one way or another. This prevents lumps and pollen buildups making it easier to clean and maintain the idea behind this is that the less residue and buildup it has the less tendency it will have of accumulating germs and bacteria. This makes grinding with Space Case’s grinders healthy and safe in terms of hygiene and sterility.

If you’re the kind of consumer that value technology and engineering over looks, you should consider having any of these grinders as an addition to your arsenal.

Dry Herb Tips by Space Case USA

How to Choose the Best Grinder for Your Choice Herbs

Your herbs are an important part of the equation. You may have the best devices and the best rolling papers that money can buy but if your herbs and botanical blends suck, your experience consuming them will most likely turn out to be bad. This is why many consumers invest so much in grinders and this is why you should only use a high-quality grinder that’s best suited for your herbs. There are a lot of grinders in the industry but not all of them can get to you where you want to be. There are a lot of ways on how you can select the best grinder for your herbs but here are some of the best tips on how you can choose the best grinder for your select herbs and botanical blends.

1. Use a steel grinder.

A grinder made out of steel can significantly benefit you and your herbs in the long run. Here are a few reasons why. First, a steel grinder will not affect the quality of your herbs when you grind them. Remember, you put your botanicals inside the grinder and the herbs will make direct contact with whatever element is in the grinder. A steel grinder will not have an effect on the taste of the herbs when you consume them. Unlike a grinder made of cheap plastic and cheap metal, Space Case 4 Piece Grinders are made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum. Aluminum does not easily nor directly affect the herbs when it comes into contact with it. Your herbs will not taste like metal or plastic because common metal or raw metal, like plastic is malleable. This means that it’s not inert nor is significantly dense that’s why chemical compounds in both plastic and metal can easily leak through and make their way in the ground plant matter. The Space Case 4 Piece Grinder also protects you herbs from the elements. This means that as long as the herbs are kept in the grinder, they will not be easily affected not be the target of molds, mildew, and other bacteria that have been known to damage herbs.

2. Use a 4-piece unit.

Another tip to follow when searching for a good grinder for your herbs is by selecting a 4-piece unit. The reason behind this is that 4-piece grinders have built-in screens that effectively separate the ground botanicals from the smaller pollen. The pollen that’s attached to your herbs carry significant amounts of cannabinoids making these by-products exceptionally significant to your sessions. You can get enhanced benefits from adding these pollens to your sessions, instead of having these pollens end up wasted on the floor and on your fingers when you crack nuggets of herbs by hand, using a 4-piece grinder can help you save and collect them for future use. These pollens naturally are sized at around 75 – 125 microns and the screens on the Space Case 4 Piece Grinder is just enough to separate these pollens from the ground herb.

Space Case 4 Piece Grinder FAQs

Q: What makes Space Case 4 Piece Grinders unique?

A: Space Case 4 Piece Grinders are made only with high-quality materials. One example is the aircraft-grade aluminum used not only in Space Case 4 Piece Grinders but also on all Space Case Grinders. Space Case themselves have helped develop this metal since the owner of Space Case has had over 35 years of experience as a machinist and he used it as a leverage to help develop the right kind of aircraft-grade metal for the specifications needed to create the ultimate herb grinder. They also utilize centering wedges which allows an even mill of the herbs.

Q: What are centering wedges?

A: Centering wedges are a technology applied by Space Case on all of its grinders to ensure utmost performance and reliability. These are outer points that functions and works by pushing the herbs back to the center of the grinder so every part of your nugget gets an even treatment. This also assures that the grinder will continue experiencing a constant movement and no other part of the herbs can affect the smooth grinding action of the Space Case 4 Piece Grinders.

Q: What options does customers have in Space Case 4 Piece Grinders?

A: Our customers can enjoy two of the top-selling 4-piece units from Space Case, the Space Case 4 Piece Grinder – Black Titanium and the Space Case 4 Piece Grinder – Polished. Both grinders are made from the dynamic aircraft-grade aluminum and feature the top of the line centering wedge technology. Furthermore, our customers can enjoy the benefits of having a 4-piece unit and can take advantage of Space Case Grinder’s medical-grade T-316 stainless-steel screens.

Q: What are T-316 Screens and what makes them special?

A: The T-316 Screens are made with medical-grade stainless-steel materials that are fitted into the grinder using a 360-degree tapered locking press which ensures that the screen itself will stay firmly connected to the grinder. This ensures that given proper care and caution the screen will not go wobbly and will not cause lumps of pollen to develop bacteria and other microorganisms that will affect the quality of your ground materials. They're easy to maintain and easy to clean.

Q: Are the Black Titanium and Polished 4 Piece Grinders anodized?

A: Yes, both these grinders feature anodized aluminum for added strength and durability. It increases their ability to withstand minor representations and manifestations of wear and tear which is common amongst 4-piece grinders, having that added layer of protection keeps your grinders looking in their pristine condition since it repels smudges and smears brought by daily use and carrying activity. You can always rely on Space Case Grinders to deliver reliable and dependable herb grinders.

Q: How often do I need to clean my Grinder?

A: The answer to your question depends on how often you use your grinder. If your frequently use it to grind herbs and botanical plant matter, clean it once a week or at least when a significant amount of kief or pollen has been collected. You can check it by opening the bottom section of the grinder and examine the amount of pollen collected. You can also check the screens and the blades to judge whether or not it’s time to clean your Space Case herb grinder.