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Collection: Space Case Scout

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Space Case Scout

Space Case Scouts are a special variety of grinders that it incorporates the use of containers in one tool. Imagine, you’re getting two tools for the price of one. How much value is that? Space Case Scouts are the epitome of functionality and practicality, they allow you to grind your herbs and store them at the same time. They target a specific niche of consumers, those that are always on-the-go and consume a lot of herbs to the point that they require a portable receptacle to hold their ground material.

However, it’s more than just utility for Space Case Scouts. They look at grinding and storage at a different level. Hey see the science of these stuff and use it to their advantage. In storage, it’s important to keep your botanicals in an air-tight container. Now this is common knowledge, Space Case Grinders takes it to another level. They use their staple raw material – aircraft-grade aluminum – and use it in the Space Case Scouts. This allows the scout to block sunlight which prevents the herbs from getting dried out real fast. Sunlight is an agent that causes the herbs to parch and parched herbs produce harsh outcomes which may be too much for most consumers to bear. The aluminum used in the Space Case Scouts are also selected because they do not mess with the taste of the herbs. When using plastic and other types of metal, one would notice that the plastic and the metal will rub off on the herbs. Having an aluminum container also means that you can carry your herbs anywhere you go. You almost never have to run into the trouble of having to worry about breaking your container and grinder at the same time. Like how cool and convenient is that?

You can now enjoy the benefits of having a grinder and a container at the same time while still maintaining a durable and hard-wearing body which not only protects your ground material but it can also preserve the overall lifespan of the grinder and storage container itself. Space Case Grinders allows you to experience what it feels like to have something as convenient as the Space Case Scout, so, instead of having to deal with your old grinder, why not give the Space Case Scout a go? We’re sure you’re going to love it as many other herbs and botanical enthusiast did. Change and level up your grinding and storage game with the Space Case Scout Grinders and enjoy the beauty of this innovative and unconventional tool that will help you get the most out of your select herbs and botanicals especially when you’re on-the-go. If you need an herb grinder that can keep not only your herbs but the freshness and the aroma locked it, then you can rely on the Space Case Scouts to give you that advantage of having a durable tool at your disposal anytime of the day, anywhere you are. Explore the possibilities with the Space Case Scouts collection now!

Dry Herb Tips by Space Case USA

How to Not Waste Herbs

Different individuals use herbs and botanical blends for various reasons. While other consumers use and consume herbs for recreational and casual purposes, others have more compelling reasons why they consumer this beneficial plant matter. Other consumers rely on herbs as a form of treatment for their medical conditions. Individuals and medical patients suffering from arthritis and those who want a non-synthetic and non-invasive form of therapy often rely on botanical herbs for help. Other individuals and professionals who suffer from anxiety and stress from work and daily life also depend on these herbal strains for relief. Athletes who want a non-chemical way of pain relief will always prefer natural means of alleviating their pain and experiencing comfort over drugs that will target their liver and will cause all kinds of health problems in the long run. This only proves to show that herbs are vital for your goal and wasting them would such be a pity.

Many herb enthusiasts fall into the trouble of squandering their materials simply by not storing them properly. Now they know that botanicals will yield better results when ground but what happens after that leaves consumers puzzled with how to store and keep their herbs. A lot of these herbs are wasted simply during transferring them from grinder to container. More, are recklessly depleted when you transfer the herbs from the container to your joint, bowl or vaporizer if you don’t use proper tools to load the herb. One way to help you conserve your herbs and preserve its flavor and potency is to use the Space Case Scout.

1. Use a grinder, a container, or both.

The Space Case Scout models are tools that combine two of the most useful equipment used in herb consumption. It's a combination of a grinder and a container which is why you won’t be wasting any herbs in the process. As soon as the herbs are milled, they fall into a receptacle where they can be stored temporarily. In this way you can store your herbs by skipping the step where you have to transfer the herbs from the grinder to the container. See, some particles are left in the grinder that won’t make it to the container, you’ll be repeating the same process when you transfer your botanicals from the container to your vaporizer, bowl, or rolling paper.

2. Use an herb scraper and shovel.

Another way to prevent wastage when handling herbs is by using a scraper or a shovel. A scraper or a pick lets you scrape off pollen hat got stuck in your grinder. Instead of tapping your grinder to let pollen break away from the grinder. Pollen may sometimes get stuck in the fissures and crevices of the grinder and can cause the grinder to get stuck, moreover, the pollen stuck on the grinder is a waste. Instead of having to waste pollen, you can scrape it out using a proper tool instead of having to remove it with your fingers. An herb shovel on the other hand will allow you to scoop up the ground material using the shovel instead of your bare hands.

Space Case Scout FAQs

Q: What materials does Space Case use for the Scouts?

A: The Scout Grinders are made with the same aircraft-grade aluminum materials used as other Space Case Grinders giving the Scout Grinders collection the same durability and reliability you are used to with the standard Space Case Grinder models. This also means that the Scout Grinder Collection can provide you the same durability and lightweight as you were used to with the standard models. Space Case Scouts also use the same technology so in terms of performance you will get the same experience and result as using the iconic Space Case Grinder models.

Q: What kind of magnets does the Scout models have?

A: Space Case Scout Grinders sport the same rare earth neodymium magnets for superior hold and exceptional performance. You can trust that your materials as well as the most important pieces of the grinder will not fall off especially when you need it the most. They will provide you with 18 times the strength of ordinary magnets making them a suitable choice for magnets in the Space Case Scout selection. They're the strongest magnets that are commercially available and only Space Case will ensure that you get the best components for your grinders.

Q: In what sized does the Space Case Scout Grinders come?

A: Space Case Grinders tries to cater to all the needs of their customers. So, they’ve crafted different sized Space Case Scout Grinder models to fit your every need. To start, Space Case made a small version for those who like to travel with their grinder, a medium one who wants to carry extra herbs, and a large one for heavy consumers who always want to go big. You can now store your botanicals anywhere you grind with the different sized Space Case Scout Grinder models.

Q: How does the Space Case Scout Grinder protect my herbs?

A: Space Case Scout models are outfitted with a bottom air-tight storage container allowing you to faithfully preserve the flavors and the aroma of your select herbs and botanicals. Having an air-tight container also allows the herbs to be preserved and maintain its health since the air-tight container prevents air and sunlight from drying out the herbs. It also keeps moist away which keeps molds from developing in the container. The Space Case Scout Grinder protects your herbs from the inside out.

Q: What are the benefits of using a Scout Grinder?

A: Using a Space Case Scout Grinder will allow you to grind and store your ground materials at the same time. For many consumers, especially those who are always on-the-go, they find that grinding their herbs and having to transfer them to a different receptacle can sometimes result to spillage and wastage. Having a grinder that easily and readily stores the herbs you’ve ground is an efficient tool especially if you plan to grind while on your feet. The Space Case Scout Grinder has been the go-to tool for professionals and medical consumers alike.

Q: How good is the quality of the blades of Space Case Scout Grinders?

A: The blades in the Space Case Scout Grinder are made from the same aluminum metal from which the Space Case Scout Grinder was made from. This means you are to expect the same durability and reliability the exterior shell of the Space Case Scout Grinder has to offer. The blades will not go dull easily as they are made from the most durable aluminum metal available on the market that’s developed in partnership with the folks at Space Case Grinder to fit the exact specification of each grinder.

Q: Just how portable is the Space Case Scout Grinder?

A: Space Case Scout Grinders measure at around 1.5 inches for the small size, 2.25 for the medium sized grinder, and 3.13 inches for the large. It can accommodate a decent amount of materials but can still fit your bag or even your pocket without giving you the unnecessary bulk you could get with some larger containers. Plus, the Space Case Scout Grinder is already a grinder and a container in one which means you are carrying two equipment in one body.