Space Case Container - Long
Space Case Container - Long

Space Case Container - Long

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  • Proudly American Made
  • American Milled Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • Air-Tight Compartment
  • Long-Sized Generous Compartment
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A Quick Look on the Space Case Container - Long

Whoever said storing ground herbs needs to be done at home? There’s a certain advantage to investing in large storage containers to keep your herbs fresh, but why not take that technology and use it on a smaller and more portable unit? This gives you the edge to keep your freshly ground herbs stay the way they are – fresh – especially when you’re on-the-go. Having a portable container is helpful for large-scale consumers even those that often go to parties the Space Case Container – Long make storing ground material easy and safe.

The Space Case Container – Long features the same aircraft-grade aluminum material that is used in Space Case Grinders, this means that the Space Case Container – Long features the same kind of durability that the iconic Space Case Grinders have. It’s polished exterior also gives you a simple, subtle, and minimalistic look that makes the Space Case Container – Long totally inconspicuous. This means that you can always carry your ground materials wherever you go without having to sound the alarm or make other people look at you because the Space Case Container – Long looks nothing like an herb container. Make sure you carry one of these containers especially when you’re heading out to party, or maybe just when you’re planning to get together and bring fine ground material to your group sesh. Nothing keeps your botanicals as fresh and as clean as the Space Case Container – Long.

Best On-The-Go Container

The Space Case Container – Long is the best on-the-go container on the market today. That's because it’s an air-tight container that effectively seals in the freshness of your newly ground botanical both from the inside and out. Because the Space Case Container – Long in made only rom the best sourced aircraft-grade aluminum metal, the quality of the raw metal material emanates beyond what it offers in terms of durability and having a lighter weight. It also is a non-toxic container that does not affect the quality of the herbs you put in. Picture this, instead of using plastic containers and plastic receptacles that can potentially damage and harm the herbs and the leaves in it, Space Case opted to use the same high-grade aluminum they used in their grinders. This variety of aluminum was developed hand in hand with the man behind Space Case Grinders. He used his knowledge on metals and manufacturing that he decided that he will use a specific formulation of aluminum metal. This not only allowed Space Case Grinders to know the actual makeup of the aluminum metal but it gave them confidence that the aircraft-grade aluminum is definitely of the correct specification and will not directly affect the herbs nor will it chemically react to the herbs.

The Space Case Container – Long also features an air-tight seal. The vacuum it creates allows to keep the herbs fresh and safe. By limiting the oxygen on the container, you get to stop the acceleration of the degradation of the herbs. As you come into personal contact with the botanicals, your materials will begin to crumble and the botanicals or the herbs themselves will then become unpleasant to consume. This will cause your herbs to go to waste, an nobody wants to let their investment go to the drain. Some consumers even go to the painstaking task of growing their own herbs. This is true especially with connoisseurs who are after a specific effect or benefit that they find in consuming a particular variety of botanical plant matter. You'd want to keep your dry herb strains as safe as possible and there’s no better way of doing that than keeping them locked in and safe in an aircraft-grade aluminum container. Other benefits of storing them in the Space Case Container – Long is by reducing contact to sunlight. Herbs and other ground botanicals are affected by the sunlight in the most adverse way possible. Sunlight causes the herbs to go dry and will damage the herbs, storing them in an opaque container as it blocks sunlight and any other form of light that can damage the herbs. Furthermore, an opaque airtight container also keeps away humidity that can facilitate the proliferation of moisture and the growth of molds and mildew that will inevitably damage the herbs you keep inside. The Space Case Container – Long effectively blocks all these and keeps the materials as fresh like you’ve just had them out of your grinder. Make sure you carry one of these whenever you step out of your door.

Better Than Glass

The Space Case Container – Long is arguably the best container you can get for your herbs. The Space Case Container – Long uses only premium-grade materials for the best results and will allow you not only to prolong the life of your materials but also to take them with you wherever you may go. It’s better than other kinds of containers including glass. We know that glass is ultimately inert and will not have any component rub off on the herbs but you simply can’t take a glass container with you anywhere you please. It's prone and susceptible to breakage and having your glass container break on you when travelling is simply unacceptable.

Instead of dealing with glass compartments, why not use Space Case Container – Long that uses aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight and will not easily break nor will it damage the content of the container even if it falls off. It’s a secure container that will keep your herbs fresh no matter what. So, make sure you add the Space Case Container – Long to your arsenal and never waste herbs and botanicals anymore. The time you take to grow, nurture, and finally grind your materials will no longer go to waste when you store them inside the Space Case Container – Long. It's the best thing that you can do to your herbs and to you yourself. No longer would you have to bear nor use spoiled herbs. Get the Space Case Container – Long and improve your botanical consumption.


  • 1 x Space Case Container – Long

Dry Herb Tips by Space Case USA

How to Increase Your Herbs’ Longevity

Like all consumable goods, your herb is a perishable commodity. By the time the herbs are plucked from the plant, the process of decay starts immediately. However, certain conditions allow your botanicals to have an extended lifespan before consumption. Having said, there are a few reasons why your herbs can deteriorate faster, one of the most common is light. Light, be it natural or artificial can cause the herbs to putrefy. A lot of consumers, especially those who are heavy users choose to either harvest (if they grow their own herbs) in bulk, others do purchase herbs large volumes. In some cases, large proportions of herbs that tend to be unused for a while can grow stale or worse, it can be damaged altogether. The light that shines on the bulk of your stash can greatly affects its quality and therefore shortening its longevity. Also, air can be an agent of corruption as without the proper amount of air, the herbs will spoil and can cause degradation.

There are several methods how you can improve the longevity of your herbs, many of these involve ways of preventing situations where the herbs can get damaged. However, here are some of the best ways on how you can increase your herb’s longevity.

1. Store your herbs after grinding them.

One way to ensure that your herbs are maintained in good condition is to store them right away after they’ve been ground. Using a grinder can help you preserve the potency of your herbs and a good storage will help you preserve the lifespan of the herbs after you’ve ground them. A lot of consumers are looking for containers that offer convenient way of storing your herbs but there’s no better way than to store your herbs in a way that you can have them kept safe as soon as they’ve been milled. So, having a container that can store the herbs immediately is beneficial for the longevity of your botanical plant matter. It's best to use containers like the Space Case Container – Long which allows you to store the herbs right away as soon as you’ve milled them. They're portable containers that are made for both home use and for on-the-go use. They're made to accommodate larger quantities of herbs but they’re built to easily fit into bags and compartments so you can take them anywhere you need to be.

2. Use an opaque container.

Having said that light can help degrade the condition of your herbs, using a transparent container may help you with aesthetics but because it allows light to pass through, it can do more harm than good for both your herbs and your wallet. You will soon notice that herbs exposed to light tend to be dry compared to botanicals that are stored in an opaque translucent container. Make sure you use a container that let’s small amount of light or those that completely block light to prevent further damage to the herbs. Parched botanicals have a harsh yield compared to ones that are still moist and fresh so make sure to use Space Case Container – Long for all your storage needs.

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Best container on the market

I have been buying and using these containers since 2014 and I can say with honesty that theyre superior to any other small portable storage container on the market. I have owned a small container, medium container and just purchased a large container. These are truly air tight; you cant smell ANYTHING from the outside of these which is great considering its intended use. No more worrying if your herb smell is leaking from your container whatsoever. The rubber seal they use for this jar is extremely durable and will not tear or rip off down the road. The quality of these container is top notch! You get what you pay for hands down. The machining is perfect and the finish is amazing. You can run one of these containers over with a car and have no issues; I have tried it. I can't express enough how worth it these containers are. The only reason I bought so many is because i lost my small and medium containers. I am confident that if i do not loose the large container that i just ordered, ot will last an entire lifetime. 10/10