Space Case Container - Medium
Space Case Container - Medium

Space Case Container - Medium

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  • Proudly American Made
  • American Milled Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • Air-Tight Compartment
  • Medium-Sized Decent Compartment
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A Quick Look on the Space Case Container - Medium

Having trouble carrying herbs and other aromatherapy materials? Tired of consuming stale and even spoiled botanical plant matter? Well, worry no more. The Space Case Container – Medium is here. Packed with features that you’ll surely love. It houses your botanical plant matter in a solid and robust container that can hold a decent number of herbs that’s just enough for holding materials for a small group session. It's an exceptionally portable container that you can stash inside your bag or inside your small pouch. Something you can easily grab and take wherever you are. Not only does it effectively store your materials but it also makes for a good container especially if you’re planning to keep your herbs and your other botanicals there for a short amount of time.

The Space Case Container – Medium holds a considerable amount of materials making it a good container especially if you’re stacking a few materials for more than one session. You can bring herbs and botanical plant matter not only for yourself but also for your buddies. Makes for a great decent container especially for parties. The Space Case Container – Medium also boasts superior build amongst any other containers and uses air-tight vacuum to ensure that whatever you put there stays fresh and safe. Imagine the applications of the Space Case Container – Medium as you can virtually enjoy your botanicals anywhere. Now, that’s portability only Space Case Container – Medium can deliver make sure to grab one of these containers and make the most out of your materials.

Keeping Your Herbs Fresh On-The-Fly

The Space Case Container – Medium makes for a unique container that it effectively wards off the elements and keeps all your botanicals fresh so that only you can enjoy the advantages of smelling its aroma and tasting the best flavors out of your select herbs. Not only does the job but it also does the job well. Each Space Case Container – Medium uses aircraft-grade aluminum which ensures that the herbs receive the right treatment. Aluminum in botanical storage has two major benefits; one is keeping light out of the herbs and second it creates solid environment that won’t easily break even if you keep it in a bag full of hard objects.

The Space Case Container – Medium ensures that light will be blocked out of the herbs since light and warmth can do damage to the herbs taking away natural dew but making sure that it’s not too much that I will cause further damage. Sunlight can do more harm than good especially for ground botanical material. This is true especially amongst connoisseurs because they avoid consuming dried up herbs. The reason behind this is because they find old and dried leaves will give out a harsher output that may sometimes be too much to bear. Keeping their materials dry and safe ensures that they’re not wasting any material therefore not wasting any money. Another feature that makes aluminum containers better and why you should use Space Case Container – Medium is because it allows you prevent air from getting inside the container. Because of its air-tight build, the Space Case Container – Medium can keep natural air inside and prevent further air from coming inside. Like light, air is also an agent that sucks up the necessary moisture to keep your herbs and botanical materials fresh. Too much air can actually dry it out cause it to be parched and then again make harsh by-products that’s simply not suitable for those with delicate tastes. Moreover, too much air can also cause the growth and development of molds and other bacteria that will affect not only the quality of the herbs but also the sterility of the container itself. Having a safe and secure container allows you to maintain the overall quality of the herbs in terms of freshness and virtue. Your herbs will remain as fresh as they were first ground which also ensures that not only the flavors but also the potency of the herbs is faithfully preserved. You've never found a portable storage container like the Space Case Container – Medium. Make sure you grab one now and enjoy the ultimate way of carrying your herbs with the container that boasts the same exceptional build quality as some of the best grinders of today’s industry.

No Other Alternative

The Space Case Container – Medium is the only container you’ll ever need. Right after you’ve ground your herb in the Space Case Grinder, there’s no other way you should store large numbers of herbs especially when you’re out and about.

The outstanding air-tight seal works to create a vacuum inside the Space Case Container – Medium to ensure that no compound coming from the outside can enter. Likewise, the components of the metals used in the Space Case Container – Medium will not directly affect the herbs you’re keeping inside because it will not react to it chemically. So, one of the obvious advantages to using the Space Case Container – Medium is that the herbs will not taste like metal after you’ve stored them inside. There's no other alternative to using the Space Case Container – Medium. No other container offers this much feature especially that it’s centered in keeping your herbs as fresh as possible.

There are other containers out there, especially the cheap ones that are made of plastic. They can be an affordable alternative but they can damage the herbs, they can also harm you when you consume the herbs you’ve stored inside the plastic container. Plastic leaks and will cause its chemical compounds to bleed out of the plastic and rub off on the herbs inside the container. Although plastic makes an ideal material for portable herb containers, their moldability causes them to make the herbs taste plastic and that’s bad enough to allow the compounds to make chemical reactions once you begin to heat up the herbs whether you’re smoking them or if you’re vaping them.

Always carry a Space Case Container – Medium with you and keep your herbs as fresh as possible without a hint of plastic. If you love yourself, grab yourself a Space Case Container – Medium now.


  • 1 x Space Case Container – Medium

Dry Herb Tips by Space Case USA

How to Prevent Bacteria Buildups

Because like food, the herbs we consume are also target for bacteria and other microorganisms. Once these microorganisms make their way into the herbs, there’s no knowing how far they can affect you and your botanicals especially if they’re consumed. Like degradation and degeneration, there are several agents that can cause and promote the development of bacteria that will eat away your botanicals. One of the main proponents of the decline in quality of your herbs is air.

That's right, air can also be an agent of bacteria buildup as air can easily make its way into your container and allow moisture and humidity to develop. Once these temperature altering components affect your herbs mold, mildew, and other bacteria will start to proliferate. It inly needs a single speck of this microorganism to initiate the growth of bacteria that will ruin everything in your container. This is why a lot of users invest in a good herb container so all their herbs will be stored in a safe space. Picture this, you’ve handled the herbs with your hands when you put the nugget in the grinder. After the ground materials are milled, you then transfer it to the container for storage. The herb was touched by your hand which can be dirty at the onset. Further conditions that facilitate bacteria buildup will add and contribute to the development to what will be the ruin of your materials. So, how do you eliminate bacteria?

1. Invest in an air-tight container.

Investing in a solid container with an air-tight seal helps level out the environment and prevent too much or too little air from getting in. This means that because of the air-tight vacuum, only the right amount of air stays inside the container preserving the life of whatever botanical blend is inside the container. Containers like the Space Case Container – Medium not only allows you to store the herbs you’ve milled in a safe receptacle but it also allows you to carry the herbs wherever you may go. And, it doesn’t stop there. Even nuggets that are still fresh can be kept in these containers. There's simply no limitation to what you can store in the Space Case Container – Medium.

2. Find a container that won’t easily break.

Some containers boast air-tight seals but this only means that it’s only good as long as the seals last. Some containers are made of wear components that’s will eventually break which defeats the purpose of an air-tight seal. The crevices from where the breakage appeared will cause air to pass and eventually damage the herbs inside the container. The purpose of a solid container is to ensure that it will not easily break. The Space Case Container – Medium is made from aircraft-grade aluminum which is as hard as nails but is as light as a feather. This means that you’ll have less likelihood of running into issues as the Space Case Container – Medium boasts premium durability and reliability.