Space Case O-Ring

Space Case O-Ring

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  • Made from High-Quality Material
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A Quick Look on The Space Case O-Ring

The Space Case O-Ring is a replacement Delrin O-ring pack for all your grinders. It’s made from high-quality components making it the ideal replacement piece for all your O-ring replacement needs. The Space Case O-Ring set is an authentic product from Space Case Grinders and all Space Case O-Rings are original accessories. Make sure you’re always packing extra Space Case O-Rings and be prepared for whenever your original O-ring snaps and breaks on you. These are small and are easy to carry making them the ideal replacement part to pack for those who like to travel light and for those who want to carry less but still have that sense of security. So, make sure you grab one of these now.

Always Be Ready

Make sure you’re always prepared, although all original and authentic Delrin O-rings from Space Case Grinders are made with utmost durability and are robust enough to sustain heavy and demanding use, these plastic rubber and nylons are bound to reach an end of life. Once this happens you can either have no way to replace a broken O-ring or you’ll have an O-ring at the ready? When metal plates in the grinder make contact with each other, slivers of metals can be shaved from the aluminum block and those slivers of metal can make its way to the ground material and eventually make its way on your vape herb chamber or on the bowl you pack your botanicals with.

Make sure you prevent this from happening and always pack a replacement O-ring set on your arsenal, these O-rings are small enough you can store them anywhere and carrying them will never be a problem because they’re light enough you won’t even notice they’re there.


  • 1 x Space Case O-Ring

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