Space Case Pollen Pick

Space Case Pollen Pick

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  • Has Matching Radius with Grinder
  • Made in the USA
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A Quick Look on The Space Case Pollen Pick

Made with the same kind of quality as the grinders, containers, and the accessories from the Space Case Grinder line of products, the Space Case Pollen Pick features exceptional durability and technical functionality.

The Space Case Pollen Pick is a significant tool for all herb consumers and botanical enthusiasts. While its main function is to help you pick and scoop up pollen collected from the herbs you mill with your grinder, it also functions as a toll to help you divide, load, and transfer herbs not only when you’re using your grinder but also when you’re packing herbs in your grinder or even when you’re rolling joints with the help of your rolling tray. The Space Case Pollen Pick is such an important tool that it has many other applications that you knew was possible, so to pack one of these accessories makes for a great addition to your arsenal even if you’re not traveling or going out with your grinder. The Space Case Pollen Catcher can also be used to cut down hard nuggets of herbs for easier packing and loading.

A True Herb Essential

The Space Case Pollen Pick is an authentic original product from Space Case Grinders, that’s why each pollen pick is branded with the Space Case logo. An engraved label that promises quality and superiority that no other company provide. The Space Case Pollen Pick is a small tool you can use to scrape off pollen from the grinder, it makes picking up these potent by-products easier since they have a matching radius as the grinder itself. However, since they’re small, they can easily be lost. So, always make sure that you pack at the very least two (2) of these pollen picks when you go out. This ensures you that you’ll have a pollen pick to pull out when you’ve lost yours and you can have another one to share with your friends when they need one.


  • 1 x Space Case Pollen Pick

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