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Usage our website, may cause some of the below information to be automatically collected:

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The information collected will only be used for monitoring and for the improvement of the functionalities of our website as well as to provide you with a faster and a more efficient online experience. When the aforementioned information is collected, our website may also include personal data that you may or will have willingly provided us through the use web forms and through other purchases.

Example: You purchased from Space Case USA and chose to provide us with your personal details, including but not limited to, credit card information and electronic authorization to process your credit card through our website.

For purchases, the following information is requested:

  • Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Email Address
  • Credit Card Number
  • Name on Credit Card
  • Expiration Date
  • Credit Card Billing Address
  • 3-Digit Security CCV Code
  • Telephone Number

Space Case USA will not sell, share, or trade any of your personal information to any other company without your direct consent, except upon fulfillment of your order, processing of your payment, managing shipments and other activities related to completing your transaction that require us to divulge the data we’ve collected to a different party. Space Case USA may also use this information in the production of statistical and analytical data for reports in helping us understand the market for our products and services. The said reporting will only be used to help us develop business plans like promotional and marketing campaigns. We may use your contact information to help us get to you and make you aware of other or new products and services we offer.

Email Information, IP Address, and Use of Cookies

Space Case USA strongly encourage you not to provide your sensitive information through email. We suggest that you use our web forms as they are a more secure means of data transfer than electronic mail. Our webforms are powered by SSL technology (A secure layer that provides up to 256-bit encryption a secure way of transmitting information on the internet). Our webforms are equipped with the best security systems available so your personal and financial details are encrypted to avoid unauthorized access to your credit / debit / charge / e-check account number.

Information about your online orders are stored in a password-protected area that’s only accessible to licensed and authorized personnel. For any email correspondence, content of your email messages will be retained and kept together with your email address as well as our responses.

The use of administrative, technical and physical security measures is required to protect our computing infrastructure and any personal information from unauthorized use, access, modification or unauthorized disclosure. IP addresses are automatically collected by our web servers to help prevent fraudulent activity and transactions. All this have been set to help protect your privacy and all information collected herein. Furthermore, our website collects cookies to enhance your experience on our website. Cookies are text files that are placed in your computer’s browser. Cookies are used to store your preferences and run certain functions on our website for a better online experience as well as easier navigation of our web pages.

Notice of Updates on

All improvements and updates on our website will be forwarded to your registered email address when you sign up on any of our newsletters.


If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please visit our website:

Note: Space Case USA reserves all the rights to change and/or terminate this Privacy Policy with or without prior notice.