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Space Case Container

The Space Case Containers are one of the most durable dry herb containers on the market today and investing in one would probably be the best thing you can do for your herbs and for yourself. The containers in our collection are made from the best variety of aircraft-grade aluminum the industry has to offer, that’s why Space Case Containers are the most durable and most functional containers the industry has ever seen. It was built to keep the herbs safe inside and the elements away from the botanicals you’re storing within. It utilizes the opaqueness of the aluminum as it effectively blocks light – both natural and synthetic – to keep the herbs from drying It has been common knowledge especially amongst connoisseurs that extremely dried and parched leaves and other botanical plant matter will yield harsh effects that will irritate the throat and the lungs when you vape or smoke the herbs. The opaque aluminum material will not permit any form of light to pass through resulting to a better environment inside the container. It also keeps humidity away from the herbs which adds to what will keep them from holding their natural moisture.

Likewise, the aluminum material keeps unwanted and excessive moisture away from the herbs as excessive moisture will promote the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms that will affect the quality of the herbs and eventually ruin the herbs in general. If you need a container that will keep your ground herbs fresh until the tie you need them, then what you need is he Space Case Container. Furthermore, Space Case Containers are made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum that will not mix and rub off on the herbs. Some containers will have an effect on the herbs in both flavor and aroma. Have you ever stored your botanicals inside a tin pencil case? You'll probably have to bear with the taste of metal when you vape or smoke the herbs. The same goes with plastic containers, because of plastic’s moldability, it tends to leak out chemicals from the plastic itself. It then gets mixed up with the herbs and will affect its taste, aroma, and worse – potency. If you value your botanicals the same way you value your life, hen make sure you use the Space Case Grinders now so that you can keep your herbs safe until the time you need to use it.

It's also one of the best travel containers for people who are always on their feet. Having a container that won’t shatter or break when you put it inside your bag is a valuable tool especially if you’re packing high-value herbs that you simply can’t afford to go to waste. Make sure to pack one of the Space Case Containers the next time you travel and even when you move a few blocks away from your house. It hides the contents inside and has a simple and minimalistic design that resembles nothing like an herb container, more like a hot water tumbler than an actual botanical receptacle.

Dry Herb Tips by Space Case USA

How to Keep Herbs from Drying

One of the most common enemies of herb enthusiasts is herb degradation. This happens when the quality of the herb degrades from its original state resulting to a decline in flavor, aroma, throat hit, and potency. Having your materials lose the characteristics that make it unique is close to having wasted your favorite herb strain. One of the most common ways the overall quality of an herb can decline is when it dries out. When an herb dries out, you can notice that there is a significant change in flavor and the smoke or the vapor will get harsher. In some cases, potency is also affected since the pollen or the trichomes on the herbs may fall off the herbs. Nevertheless, dried herbs not a sure sign of a good time. There are several reasons why individuals try to steer away from dried botanicals whenever they can, buy the main factor that affects their experience is the increased harshness when consuming dried herbs.

There are a lot of theories why smoking or vaping dried herbs is bad, some individuals claim that because the herbs are dried out, they burn hotter or they vaporize at a hotter temperature that’s why some of the most important active ingredients are damaged instead of being activated so you get less of the good stuff and more of the harsher stuff. Another popular theory is that dried botanicals burn hotter and therefore produce more combusted output that can irritate your throat and your lungs. Regardless of what you want to believe in it is imperative to keep your herbs in a specific condition to make consumption convenient and satisfying. Here are some ways to prevent your herbs from drying.

1. Use a container.

One way to preserve the quality of your herbs is to use a container. Use a container that will block the elements that will cause the herbs to dry like light and heat. The Space Case Container collection offers different sized products that are made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This variety of steel can protect your herbs by blocking off light and by keeping the temperature to the optimum level. This will also allow you to carry your herbs around in a sturdy and a durable container so you can roam around without having to fear that your herb container will break at any given time.

2. Store your herbs with only the right amount of air.

Like light, air can also be one of the reasons why your botanicals can dry out. Too much air inside the container can cause the herbs not only to turn dry but depending on the quality or temperature of the air, the result might even be worse than seeing a bunch of desiccated herbs in a container. Air can also promote the growth of parasitic microorganisms like mold and bacteria that can ruin the herbs. Make sure you store the herbs in a container with the right amount of air, or even better, an air-tight container.

Space Case Container FAQs

Q: What kind of material is used in the Space Case Container?

A: Space Case Containers are made with the same materials used in Space Case Grinders. Space Case Grinders uses the same special aluminum material for all its products allowing the build quality they were known for to span through all the grinders and containers they manufacture. This means that you can rely on the same durability and dependability you were used to and you loved with Space Case Grinder products. No other herb grinder manufacturer makes products like Space Case Grinders.

Q: How does Space Case Grinder’s aircraft-grade aluminum affect my herbs?

A: The aircraft-grade aluminum metal used by Space Case Grinder is very dense and opaque, it will not allow any form of light to pass through as it can significantly affect the quality of your herbs. Sunlight and artificial sources of light will cause the herbs to go dull and dry. In turn, you will be compelled to consume your herbs immediately or the herbs can go to waste. The aluminum metal increases the lifespan of the herbs. Furthermore, it does not taint the quality of the herbs as it does not affect its taste.

Q: Does Space Case Containers have air-tight fit?

A: Yes, Space Case Containers have an air-tight fit to make sure that no air can penetrate the seal. That's because air, like light, is also an agent of heat and it can decrease or damage the quality of the herbs in the container. To ensure that the herbs will not go stale or dry immediately, the air-tight container was set in place. Also, it prevents moisture from coming in the container to help prevent mold and bacteria to develop providing your herbs further protection.

Q: Will the Space Case Container protect my herbs on-the-go?

A: Yes, the main purpose of building the Space Case Container with the same kind of material used in the Space Case Grinders is to provide you peace of mind and your herbs exceptional protection when you travel with them. One of the benefits of using an aluminum metal in containers is that they won’t break or shatter. The herbs are kept protected inside and are free of the dangers of mixing up with broken glass or getting spilled all over your bag or your pocket.

Q: In what sizes does the Space Case Containers come in?

A: Like Space Case Grinders, the containers also come in three different sizes to accommodate the needs of many consumers. A small sized container can help people who only consume a small number of herbs but want to have an extra stash when the go. A medium sized container will allow consumers who want a decent packing of herbs while the large Space Case Container allows for a generous packing of herbs when you need extra servings while you’re on the fly.

Q: How do I clean my Space Case Container?

A: Cleaning and maintenance is similar with the Space Case Containers and the Space Case Grinders. All you need are cotton swabs, alcohol, and warm water. Simply soak the Space Case Container in a solution of warm water and alcohol. After 3 – 5 minutes, remove the Space Case Container from the alcohol solution and wipe the corners with a cotton swab. Replace it in the alcohol solution and leave it soaked for another 3 – 5 minutes. Take the Space Case Container from the alcohol bath and wipe it again with the cotton swab until clean. Rinse with warm water and dry. (Remove rubber parts before cleaning)

Q: How often should I clean my Space Case Container?

A: The answer depends on how often you store materials on your container. But as a rule of caution, make sure you clean your container at least once a week. This will keep resin and pollen from building up and it will ensure that not only the herbs but the container as well will remain in good working condition. One of the most common places where resin builds up is at the crevices of the threaded connections of the container. Make sure that you clean this part more often since it can make the cap and the air-tight seal stuck.