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Space Case Accessories

Who ever said grinders aren’t supposed to have accessories? Space Case Grinders and Containers have unique pieces of accessories that you can use to upgrade your experience. Not that they’re all supplemental, they do come with the pack but you can purchase them separately to make sure you always have a back-up plan should you lose or break any of them. Having one of these accessories' handy saves you the time of not having to scourge stores and online shops for a replacement part. Make sure you always carry one of these especially during trips or even when you’re just out and about.

One of these accessories are the O-rings used in the grinders, they prevent the metal parts of the grinders from bumping into one another. Having metal scratch to another metal surface can cause unwanted abrasion and ma result to slivers of aluminum making its way to the ground material. Make sure to stack up on these O-rings so you won’t have to use your grinder without them. Each O-ring is made from the best materials that ensures durability and stability while in use. Although they’re made to last, there will still come time that they will reach their end of life. When that time comes, you better be prepared as you don’t want to run into any problems during the time you’re actually grinding. Make sure you’re always prepared and will always have a replacement O-ring ready. Make sure to use only authentic and original replacement pieces especially for replacement O-rings because the O-rings made and manufactured by Space Case Grinders are of utmost quality especially in terms of durability and longevity. These O-rings are easy to lose as they’re small enough to be lost quickly. Another accessory in our collection is the Space Case Pollen Pick. The pollen pick is relatively small but it is a very useful tool especially in 4-piece and 5-piece grinders as well as containers that may leave residue of pollen inside them. They’re also small and can easily be lost. The beauty of these pollen picks is that they have a matching radius with the size of the grinder itself, this makes picking and scraping off residue and pollen buildup in any grinder and container of matching size as easy and as smooth as scraping butter. They make useful tools not only in scraping off pollen but also in loading, dividing, and transferring herbs and other botanical plant mater from grinder to container and from container to vaporizer or a rolling tray. The Space Case Pollen Pin has engraved Space Case branding allowing you to easily recognize that it’s a part of your kit, like the grinders themselves, the pollen picks are made from the USA and features American manufacturing and ingenuity.

Make sure to always carry one of these pollen picks wherever you may be, and never be without the right tool for all your herb grinding needs. All Space Case Accessories like the Space Case Grinders and Containers are made exclusively in the United States.

Dry Herb Tips by Space Case USA

What Not to Do When Storing Your Herbs

There are a lot of things you can do to help you improve your chances of prolonging and extending the actual lifespan of your botanicals. However, there are some things you just couldn’t tell whether or not it’s bad for your herbs. So, here’s a list of what not to do with botanicals especially when storing them.

1. Do not put fruit peelings on your container.

As tempting as it may be to get the chance to add a little bit of flavor to your botanicals when storing them, we certainly do not recommend putting fruit (and in some cases vegetable) peelings in your herb container. No matter how other consumers claim that adding another substance in the container is safe, we urge you not to add these peelings to your herbs when you store them – especially when you plan to store your botanicals for a while.

Fruit peelings may have acidic components in them that can damage and kill the trichomes in the herbs. Especially when you do not separate pollen from the ground herbs, this can cause the herbs to lose some of its potency. Furthermore, these peelings may add moisture to your herbs and cause the environment to be more conducive to the growth of molds, mildew, bacteria, and other organisms that will ruin the botanicals.

2. Do not store your herbs near electronic appliances.

Electronic appliances especially refrigerators, microwave ovens, televisions, and even your water-cooled computer of yours generates heat. This heat can affect the quality of the herbs and can cause it to go dry. Furthermore, these electronic appliances can sometimes cause electric discharges that can fry the trichomes or the pollen in the herbs making them less potent and less flavorful when consumed.

3. Do not store your herbs in the freezer.

While it would seem like a good idea to keep your herbs in the freezer, it’s only applicable when you’re cleaning your container or your grinder. The varying temperatures that occur when you close and open the refrigerator can cause temperatures to fluctuate and make the environment inside the container a little too unstable where mold and other microorganisms that can damage the herbs. Plus, the rigid temperature in the freezer will cause the pollen to break off and fall off from the leaves which will not be included in the part of the herbs you’ll consume. If you plan to stick some of your herbs in the freezer, we recommend that you place it when you’re about to consume the herbs and when you place it inside a grinder.

4. Don’t keep it out in the open too.

While it’s not practical to store herbs in the fridge, it’s also not the best idea to store the herbs in a relatively hot and arid environment. This can dry up the herbs and make the herbs too harsh for consumption.

When you are separating herbs before you load them to a vaporizer or roll them on a joint or pack a bowl, it’s best to use accessories that can help you. Space Case manufactures accessories like pollen picks and replacement O-rings. Space Case Accessories will help you maximize your herbs and help your keep Space Case Grinder products in good working condition.

Space Case Accessories FAQs