Space Case Container - Short
Space Case Container - Short

Space Case Container - Short

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  • Proudly American Made
  • American Milled Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • Air-Tight Compartment
  • Short-Sized Decent Compartment
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A Quick Look on the Space Case Container - Short

Looking for an herb container that won’t only do the job but will also be able to take your herbs discreetly? We'’, you’re in luck because Space Case has come up with a container that fits easily in your hand and fits perfectly inside your bag or in your pocket. The Space Case Container – Short as two advantages; one is portability and the other is durability. You can say that the Space Case Container – Short was optimized for superior portability and exceptional reliability. No other container can be as tough and as portable as the Space Case Container – Short. The secret? The raw material used in constructing the Space Case Container – Short. It’s made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum, milled and made in America, and the man behind Space Case Grinders have had his hands in developing this aluminum.

Backed by years of experience in metal crafting as well as in the industrial business, Space Case Grinder’s figurehead was able to exploit the advantages of using aircraft-grade aluminum and use it to their desired specification in manufacturing what would turn out to be one of the world’s best grinders. The same material is used in the Space Case Container – Short and you can expect only the best with a container built with this kind of material. You can easily take the Space Case Container – Short anywhere you go without having to worry about having to damage the herbs nor the container itself making it such a travel-friendly container where you can store your precious herbs and other botanical plant matter. It will be kept safe even when you stash it inside your bag where you keep some hard and solid objects. Like what we said, durability and portability are two of its strongest suits. No other container has been this functional and this practical as the Space Case Container – Short.

The Epitome of Portability

Being the smallest herb container in Space Grinder’s line of aluminum herb containers, the Space Case Container – Short offers unparalleled advantage when it comes to how portable you can go in terms of carrying and transporting herbs. While it can only hold a decent number of herbs and botanicals, it still allows a generous amount especially for single use. You can store and pack the Space Case Container – Short tight without having to sacrifice the quality of how portable you can go. It only occupies a small amount of space so traveling with the Space Case Container – Short will not be an issue, so will be packing and stuffing the Space Case Container – Short. If you like to travel light and still get the best out of your materials, the Space Case Container – Short is the best option for you. It measures only at 1.38 inches wide and only about an inch tall. This makes it as concealable as possible and as discreet as any containers can get. You can store it inside your pocket and even hold it in the palm of your hands. What's best about it is that it has a polished aluminum exterior giving it that simple and minimalist vibe so it won’t attract too much attention so onlookers and passersby won’t give you that look of disapproval when they see you holding the Space Case Container – Short. Furthermore, it has a hard-top cover that hides the contents inside. It's as low key and as stealthy as you can get.

Other features include the air-tight seal. For a container this size, it does a good job of sealing air inside so the smell of the herbs won’t escape the container which can easily give away what you hold inside. It’s like nothing is inside and it feels like you’re not carrying botanical plant matter. The Space Case Container – Short is for the consumers that value privacy and a low profile because it completely shuts off all contact from the herb. No one will smell what’s inside and no air or sunlight can penetrate the hard aluminum that holds and houses your herbs.

Extremely Beneficial

No other container offers as much benefit as the Space Case Container – Short. Other herb containers may allow you to keep your herbs fresh for a while but they won’t keep them secure as the Space Case Container – Short. Plus, the added portability is a great addition to having such a sturdy and lightweight container.

Because the Space Case Container – Short is made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum, it can easily block sunlight with its opaque and extremely dense body. No one else will be able to see what’s inside and no amount of light can damage and make the herbs inside the container dry and parched. Sunlight can greatly affect the quality of the herbs and will make them less pleasing to consume. That’s because dry and withered herbs will oftentimes give out a harsh product when smoked or when vaped. So, regardless if you’re vaping or if you’re smoking your herbs having a reliable container like the Space Case Container – Short is essential. You can extend the life of your herbs as well as save money because the botanicals will not go to waste. It's a good investment for all botanical consumers, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts. Whether you’ve a beginner or an advanced user, the Space Case Container – Short is a certain must. Moreover, by locking your herbs in an air-tight container, you’re reducing the flow of air that can enter the container that will significantly contribute to the humidity inside the container. Excessive moist can harm your herbs and can promote the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms that will inevitably damage your herbs, and, you do not want to consumer herbs with molds. To avoid them at all costs should be your primary concern that’s why you should always bring a Space Case Container – Short with you in all your travels and even when you’re simply going outside and are bringing some herbs with you. Protect yourself and protect your herbs with the Space Case Container – Short.


  • 1 x Space Case Container – Short

Dry Herb Tips by Space Case USA

How to Keep Herbs Fresh When You Need to Carry Them On-The-Go

A lot of today’s consumers lean towards the active and on-the-go lifestyle, so it’s only befitting that they look for products that are geared towards their lifestyle choices. Most herb consumers will not have the liberty of having to sit down and go through the process of grinding their herbs every time they need to consume their favorite botanical blends. In this day and age, time is indeed a luxury. For people who are always busy, a quick fir of their favorite botanical blends is the only thing they can squeeze in their schedule. No time to sit in long sessions, just that fast and swift draws from their devices to help them enjoy the advantages and the benefits of their favorite materials.

One common practice is to grind the herbs beforehand, take them using a container and have them to carry your herbs as you go. Old school consumers and even beginners make the mistake of having to put their ground materials in plastic zip locks, not only is it an indiscreet way of bringing your herbs along but you’re making a lot of sacrifices that can damage your herbs. One, plastic is very malleable or moldable in nature. This allows some of the chemicals in the plastic to leak and affect the integrity of the herbs in general. Furthermore, a zip lock bag will still allow air and sunlight to pass through and dry out and humidify the herbs inside which will affect it significantly. One way to get over it and to keep your materials, be it ground or nuggety, fresh and in pristine condition is to keep it safe in a container. Here are a few tips to keep your herbs fresh when carrying them on-the-go.

1. Keep them away from the elements.

When you’re travelling and carrying herbs, it’s best that you keep them away from the elements. Like we’ve said, sunlight and air decrease the quality of the herb. Having to keep them away from all the damaging factors improves the longevity of the herbs and keeps them fresh while you travel. One tip is to wrap it in towel when you’re carrying a container with herbs. It helps block sunlight and it also maintains a stable temperature when you carry it around and keep it in your backpack. If you’re planning to travel light, you can carry containers like the Space Case Container – Short. It's compact enough that it won’t take too much space and it also protects your herbs when you carry it.

2. Bring a carrying pouch.

Some containers aren’t as discreet as the Space Case Container – Short. For those that speak with loud colors and designs it’s best that you keep them in a discreet carrying pouch. This will not only keep the container safe but will also protect you and your container from the watchful eyes of onlookers and bystanders that are quick to judge and condemn what they don’t know. Carrying pouches make containers more discreet and it also does its part in keeping the elements away from the herbs because the carrying pouch blocks sunlight which slightly helps keep the temperature down.